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The world’s largest coal to ethylene glycol plant undertaken by Shaangu realized the design annual output ahead of schedule

In recent days, Shaanxi Coal Group Yulin Chemical 1.8 million tons/year ethylene glycol project undertaken by Shaangu achieved an annual output of 1.8 million tons of ethylene glycol, reaching the design capacity target 9 days ahead of schedule and completing 150% of the annual output target. This achievement marks that the world’s largest coal-to-ethylene glycol plant has made a new industry record of “both putting into production and reaching the design annual output in the same year “.

Shaangu has supplied 20 sets of process gas compressor units, professional energy conversion equipment and distributed energy system solutions for the project. Based on the high-level positioning and actual needs of the project, Shaangu adopts global advanced technologies for systematic design, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service. Through the overall process matching, units and “1+7” system scheme, the effect and benefit of the user’s entire project utilization are optimized, and the project achieved the best indicators of emissions, energy consumption, investment, etc..