To Create Intelligent Green Energy for Human Civilization


【The 7th Silk Road International Expo in Focus】Shaangu signed important cooperation agreements with multiple entities, writing his new chapter of joint development!

On November 17th, , hosted by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by the Xi’an State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission(SASAC), Xi’an Investment and Cooperation Bureau, and Shaangu Group, titled “Industry-led Cooperation & Technology-enabled development”, the 7th Silk Road International Expo, Shaanxi Xi’an State-owned Assets and Enterprises Comprehensive Reform Central Local Cooperation & Intelligent Energy Innovation Development Forum was held in Xi’an.

In the warm applause, Shaangu Group signed agreements of comprehensive innovation & cooperation with over dozen partners, which will bring together their respective resource advantages, join forces, boost the new pattern of industrial collaboration, and assist a sound and rapid economy of the region.

In the speech session, Chairman Li Hongan shared the transformation and development practices & results of Shaangu with the theme of “Cherishing the Best Business Environment for Creating a World-class Strong Enterprise”. At present, the best period in his 55-year history, Shaangu has achieved remarkable development results through two times deepening transformations. Shaangu uses (Energy Interconnection Symbiosis System) EISS4.0 solutions to assist users in achieving cost reduction, carbon reduction and profit increase. Shaangu Solution activates a revolution in the supply side, demand side, and technology side of energy, liberates energy, helps users reduce costs & Co2 emissions, and obtain “carbon peaking” as soon as possible. The distributed energy market is infinitely vast, and Shaangu’s new energy system solutions can be widely applied in urban, metallurgical, petrochemical and other fields, bring tangible sense of gain to urban residents and various areas, and assist the “carbon peaking”.