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EKOL, spol.s r.o.

Shaangu Europe Research and Development Co., Ltd.

Group Profile

Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.

By paying great attention to technical R&D, Shaangu’s leading products have been honored as “State Technological Invention Awards” for six times. The application technology of waste energy recovery turbine unit used for process industry developed and owned by Shaangu has been listed in the “Top 10 Energy-saving Technologies in The World” by IPEEC. Axial compressors of Shaangu was honored as “champion Product in Chinese manufacturing industry” in 2017. Its large ASP compressor technology with capacity of 60,000 Nm³/h and above was approved the advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technology in the 13th five years. And main technical data of the
long-distance pipeline compressor EB 80 has reached the world leading level. By now, Shaangu has operated 18 distributed energy organizations and established its first global energy interconnection symbiosis system operation center. Shaangu provides system solutions combined with five businesses of equipment manufacture, EPC, service, operation and financing for customers.

Shaangu has been awarded as “Leading Company of China Industry” continuously in recent eleven years, and “Top Hundred Companies in China Machinery Industry” in recent fourteen years. In addition, it has been listed in the CCTV Program “The Pillars of a Great Power”, and won several honors including “China Industrial Awards”, “National Quality Awards”, “National Green Plants”, “National Demonstration Enterprise in Industrial Brand cultivation”, “National Enterprise Culture Demonstration Base”, “National Demonstration Enterprise in The Two Integration” and so on.

Technical Strength

Shaangu has been awarded many honors in the fields of technical innovation and new products/technologies development, including 6 national science & technology progress awards, 133 ministerial / provincial science & technology awards, and 80 minicipal science & technology awards. By now, Shaangu has applied 253 patents including 185 utility models and 9 designs , and has been authorized 239 patents including 48 inventions, 182 utility models and 9 designs.

There are hydromechanics experts honored as “Sanqin Scholar”, overseas technical R&D team, 16 experts enjoying State Council special
allowance, 36 professorate senior engineers, and 226 senior engineers.


National Science & Technology Progress Awards


Ministerial / provincial Science & Technology Awards


Municipal Science & Technology Awards

Group Culture

Our Mission

To Create Intelligent Green Energy for Human Civilization

Green development is the mission of Shaangu for the intelligent development of human civilization. Shaangu devotes to provide intelligent distributed energy system solutions featuring efficient, energy-saving, clean and environmental-protection, and promotes the transformation of economy and social development for the green and sustainable development of the whole social.

Our Core Value

Be Progressive Be Kind, Excellent Atmosphere Brings You a Bright Future

“Be Progressive” refers to the positive votive attitude. Progressive Shaangu people respect customers, seek innovation and strive on their works. “Be Progressive” make us continuous improvement. “Be Kind” refers to the lofty spirit. Kind Shaangu people honor credit, pay most attention to responsibility, and always have gratitude. “Be Kind” make us insist on right way and stay true to the original self. “Be Progressive, Be Kind”, as the most noble spirit quality, has been internalized Shaangu ageless theme and a kind of conscientious behaviors.

Our Vision

Company, Platform, School

To achieve great career – A global first-class intelligent green energy company To walk with those who hold on to their dreams – A platform for realization of career dream To walk with outstanding person – A school for cultivating talent with excellent morals and academic skills

By now, we have servied 3000 customers.