To Create Intelligent Green Energy for Human Civilization


Project in Indonesian , Grid-connected power generation!

Through the 3#TRT unit’s successful grid-connected power generation& put-in-production of an Indonesian steel enterprise user, Shaangu team, who has been steadfast in Indonesia for more than 180 days understands that it is just another new starting point!  

This project in Indonesia is one of the national “Belt and Road” key construction projects, it will establish a green, environmental, energy-efficient and modern steel production base which integrates coking, sintering, iron-making, steel-making and steel-rolling for the inside of Indonesia, effectively promote the rapid development of Indonesia’s metallurgical industry, and drive the improvement and upgrading of local related industrial chains. It plays a positive role in assisting local social and economic construction and development. Shaangu has provided users with large-scale power equipment and system solutions & services accordingly.

To ensure the success and certainty of the project’s test-running, Shaangu team overcame numerous difficulties and often worked tirelessly all night on the project site. During the commissioning process, continuous optimization of procedures and operation interfaces greatly improves commissioning efficiency. In order to help users master the commissioning operation program faster and better, Shaangu team conducted detailed on-site training sessions for user’s management personnel, operators, etc., and received high praise from users.

In the end, under the premise of safety, efficiency, and compliance, and thanks to the cooperation of all parties, Shaangu team was able to complete the equipment installation & commissioning in advance, make successful grid-connection, fulfill Shaangu’s purpose of “serving users wholeheartedly” and contribute Shaangu’s strength to achieving user’s energy-saving, emission reduction, Co2 reduction and efficiency increase.