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Shaangu signed for world’s first set 300 MW man-made cavern compressed air energy storage project

Recently, Shaangu Power signed a contract with China Energy Construction Group to supply multiple sets of large-scale compressor units and supporting & auxiliary equipment for the “Gansu Jiuquan 300 MW Compressed Air Energy Storage(hereinafter referred to as CAES) Power Plant Demonstration Project” project, jointly promoting the high-quality development of the new energy and energy infrastructure industry by using the world’s advanced equipment and system solutions.

The Gansu Jiuquan 300 MW CAES power plant demonstration project is the world’s first 300 MW man-made cavern CAES project, which solves the worldwide problem that CAES technologies are constrained by geographical conditions, and leads the way in terms of technological routes, solutions and industrial ecology. Upon completion, this project will be the world’s first 300 MW CAES power plant demonstration project that fully utilizes man-made caverns for gas storage. It will promote the coordinated development of related industries, boost the coordinated operation of multiple energy complementarities, and assist the large-scale, industrialized, and intensive development of new energy equipment manufacturing.  This is of great demonstration significance for building Jiuquan and Northwest Green Energy Industrial Base and promoting the construction of new power system in China. 

Relying on 50+ years of energy genes, Shaangu conducts in-depth research on CAES technologies, develops and produces 10-400MW compressors and related application references in the field of CAES. In response to the requirements of the Gansu Jiuquan 300 MW CAES power station demonstration project, Shaangu provides users with low-carbon and intelligent EISS4.0 solution, including the compressor unit with the largest capacity and best performance in the current CAES field, to assist users in achieving cost reduction, Co2 reduction, and profit increase.