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Blast furnace put-into-production! Assisted by Shaangu, Zimbabwe becomes Africa’s largest steel producer

At 5:48 am local time on June 13th

With the first rays of morning sunshine

Zimbabwean steel user’s No.1 blast furnace

Successfully started up and put into operation

As the fiery red molten iron rushing out

This marked the project of Zimbabwe

Officially entered the production stage

This project is one of Zimbabwe’s national key strategic projects. After full completion and operation, the project will provide strong support for local economic development, increase employment, and improve residents’ income level.

As Contractor of the project, Shaangu has launched a “tough battle” during the implementation. In order to help user put into production as soon as possible, team members has been working overtime to ensure both progress and quality. All work is done in an orderly and coordinated manner. In the end, all kinds of difficulties were overcome, the blast furnace had the ignition conditions, and the ignition was successful at one time.