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National level honor, three times in a row!

Recently, Shaangu Power Axial Compressor has once again won the title of “Manufacturing Single Champion Enterprise” for three times with its advanced technology, excellent product quality, and global leading market share.

As a manufacturer of “Nation’s Key Equipment” in the energy field, Shaangu attaches great importance to technological self-reliance & self-improvement, frequently provides such achievements of technological innovation, and the large-scale axial compressor unit is one of them.

In recent years, Shaangu continues to innovate in the field of ultra-large axial compressor, and has established a high-efficiency, high-performance, high-reliability axial compressor basic stage performance experimental research platform, modified experimental research methods,  innovatively developed 3H high-pressure-ratio axial compressor technology, which provides strong support for the continuous improvement of China’s large-scale high-end equipment technology.

AV140, independently developed by Shaangu, is currently the world’s largest axial compressor unit. It adopts Shaangu’s newly developed high-efficiency blade profile, has strong compression capacity, high efficiency, and wide adjustment range; such compressor’s reasonable structural design& optimized layout ensures the features like good compressor stability, low noise, more energy-efficient, green& environmental, etc.. The operating efficiency reaches 92% and above.