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The list of “China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” released, and Shaangu Group makes it to the 41st Place

Lately, co-sponsored by the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association, the “2023 World Class Enterprises and China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” research report conference was grandly held in the city of Guiyang. At the conference, the list of “China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises” has been released, with Shaangu Group, Shaangu Power, Shaanxi Qinfeng Industrial Gas, and Xi’an L-Eder Supply Chain simultaneously on this list.

In the list of “China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises”, Shaangu Group took the 41st place, an increase of 5 places compared with 2022; Shaangu Power ranked 87th in the top 500, an increase of 15 places from 2022; Shaanxi Qinfeng Industrial Gas ranked 210th, up 8 places from 2022; and Xi’an L-Eder Supply Chain ranked 148th among “The Top 500” .