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Focusing on the ” Belt and Road”, the Turkish project has been successfully tested

Since the end of last century, Shaangu has entered the market of Turkey, provided nearly 100 sets of large-scale equipment for more than 10 users in Turkey, and obtains solid friendship with users in Turkey. Lately, great news came from the user’s site in Turkey, large-scale axial compressor units provided by Shaangu supporting new blast furnaces of a steel enterprise user in Turkey, have made a one-off successful test-running, then put into full production and operates stably!

This user is a Turkish steel manufacturer giant, and Shaangu provides large-scale equipment supply, installation and commissioning and related technical guidance for the user’s new blast furnace project. After the project was launched, in line with the tenet of “serving users wholeheartedly”, the installation service team and engineering software design specialists of Shaangu System Service Business Dept. arrived at the user’s site as soon as possible to carry out their work. Under their active efforts, the construction of the project started as scheduled.

Shaangu teams have reasonable division of labor, overcome difficulties, work overtime, and make every effort to catch up with the progress of installation and commissioning. In the end, the installation and commissioning tasks of the unit are successfully completed, and smoothly put into operation. Shaangu’s professional capabilities, comprehensive solutions, and thoughtful services have been recognized and praised by users.