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Shaangu, one of the top ten nationwide! And the only enterprise from Shaanxi province!

Recently, the Energy Storage Application Branch of China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CESA) released the list of “2023 China’s Top 10 New Energy Storage Compressed Air Energy Storage Enterprises”, with Shaangu Power on this list.

The world’s first (set) 300 MW compressed air energy storage(CAES) project adopts the world’s first, all-green, non-supplementary fired, high-efficiency 300 MW-scale compressed air energy storage(CAES) technology, which is known as the “stabilizer” and “super power-bank” of the new power system. With its core advantages in the design and manufacture of large-scale energy-saving and high-efficiency compressors, Shaangu tailored the air compression system solution for the ultra-large-scale non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage (CAES) power plant. This solution features high efficiency, wide range of adjustable operating case, high degree of intelligence, etc.

For a long time, Shaangu Power conducts in-depth research & development on compressed air energy storage technology. Nowadays, Shaangu is capable to provide complete solutions for compressed air energy storage (CAES) systems with different processes and scales ranging from 10MW to 400MW. The Shaangu solution of integrated “axial + centrifugal” compressor unit fully matches and responds to the market demand of increasing scale, serialization, high system efficiency and high economic in the compressed air energy storage(CAES) industry, continuously assisting users in achieving cost reduction, carbon emission reduction and profit growth.