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3 Technologies from Shaangu listed into the National Catalog!


Lately, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology unveiled the catalog of the first seven batches of demonstration enterprises (parks) and the first five batches of reference products (technologies) for power demand-side management in the national industrial sector, and 3 Technologies from Shaangu – namely Sinter Plant Waste Heat Recovery Turbine Unit Technology (SHRT), Nitric Acid Plant Steam And Tail Gas Waste Energy Recovery Turbine Unit Technology,  Blast Furnace Power Recovery Train Technology, were listed into the Catalog.

The Steam And Tail Gas Waste Energy Recovery Turbine Unit for Nitric Acid Plant innovatively developed by Shaangu mainly applicable for chemical and fertilizer industries,  adopts the advanced double-pressurized nitric acid production process, which achieves self-sufficiency in the main energy consumption of nitric acid production process. While ensuring normal operation of the process system, the surplus high-quality self-produced steam is delivered to the steam pipe network, realizing comprehensive energy utilization. This green, energy-saving, efficient and cost-effective technology has obtained 3 utility model patents and become more and more favored and recognized by users.

The SHRT and BPRT technologies innovatively developed by Shaangu, by reducing the energy loss caused by repeated energy conversions, improve energy utilization efficiency, so as to give users with more benefits such as low carbon emission, high energy efficiency and high operating profit. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. In particular, the SHRT technology is the first of its kind in the world, with an average energy-saving efficiency of more than 67% compared to the original sintering plant..

By now, Shaangu Power has provided more than 1,600 sets of waste heat and pressure energy recovery turbine units for many customers in the fields of steel, chemical and other process industries around the world, not only including many large-scale domestic users but also some overseas renowned steel and chemical enterprises. In particular, among the few blast furnaces of 5000m³ and above in the world, there are more than 10 equipped with the waste heat and pressure energy recovery turbine units by Shaangu.

The SHRT and BPRT technologies also have been awarded the United Nations’ International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) “The TOP TENs Best Available Technologies and Practices”. And the BPRT technology is worldwide recognized by winning the “Gold Award for World Manufacturing Innovative Products” in 2019.