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Shaangu Indonesian Power Generation O&M team honored with the title of “Excellent O&M Unit 2021” by the User

The Shaangu Indonesian Power Generation O&M team provides operation services for the ultra-high temperature and high pressure generating units in Unit 2 of the customer’s power plant.
They fully responded to the user’s goal of “safe production, quantity-oriented, and competing for every unit of electricity”. Under the circumstances of a high risk of COVID in Indonesia, with heavy rain every three days and light rain every day, they overcame difficulties, organized carefully, performed their duties, and finally completed successively the operation and maintenance work of the unit No.5, 6, 7 and 8. The O&M team of Shaangu Indonesian was awarded the title of “Excellent O&M Unit in 2021”, which is the only O&M team in the park to receive this honor.