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Shaangu exported a number of large-scale power equipment to Malaysia and successfully put them into production by one trail run!

Recently, good news came from a user in Malaysia that multiple sets of BPRT and axial compressor units provided by Shaangu for the user’s capacity upgrade and expansion project succeed in first trail run! All put into production!

This project is the capacity upgrade and expansion project of a major steel enterprise in Malaysia, aims to expand the capacity to more than four times of the original. After the completion of the project, it will fill the gap of Malaysia’s industrial chain in low, medium and high-end buildings, household appliances and automobiles, and open up the whole industrial chain of the country’s iron and steel industry. Shaangu has provided a number of BPRT units, axial compressor units and metallurgical industry waste heat & pressure energy recovery system solutions and services for the project.

In response to the practical problems of weather impact, multi-units cross-construction , multiple operating points, fast-paced construction, and increasing on-site safety risks, the Shaangu project team always puts safety first, pays close attention to implementation and overall promotion, and conducts refined management of installation and commissioning work plans and daily work completion status. From 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, under the hot sun of the tropical rainforest, the project construction strides into the target. The BPRT units and axial compressor units succeed in first trail run and put into operation. The “dedication” and “professionalism” of the Shaangu project team received high praise from users, in less-skilled Chinese they said, “Chinese people, very good!”

At that moment, everyone looked at each other and smiled, and the tiredness of multiple hard-working days was swept away.