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Made by Shaangu!-Major Equipment of Great Power-The world’s first 300MW compressed air energy storage equipment’s core component officially went offline.

On September 20th, in the presence of users, multiple large compressor units provided by Shaangu for the “Hubei Yingcheng 300MW Compressed Air Energy Storage Power Plant Demonstration Project” were successfully taken offline in the final assembly workshop.

This is the world’s first 300MW-scale non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage demonstration project, using the world’s first, fully green, non-supplementary combustion, and high-efficiency 300MW-scale compressed air energy storage technologies. It is currently the only large-scale long-term physical energy storage technology that can compete with pumped-hydro energy storage, and has been referred to as a new type of power system “stabilizer” and “super power bank”. Shaangu has provided a number of core equipment and system solutions for the project. After the completion of this project, it is expected to generate 500 million kWh of electricity annually. The project will achieve the world’s first in the field of non-supplementary fired compressed air energy storage in terms of stand-alone power, energy storage scale and conversion efficiency. Moreover it will play a demonstrative role in the healthy development of the energy storage industry, and to actively promote the green efficient energy utilization and the realization of the national “carbon-peaking & carbon-neutralization” goals as scheduled.