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Natural Gas Long-distance Pipeline Compressor Train

High-efficiency basic stage model ensures the polytropic efficiency up to 86% or higher, and the serialized design meets short delivery demand.
Innovative layout of the compressor unit. There are gas turbine driven compressor units, high-speed motor driven or common motor with gearbox driven units to meet different requirements from customers.

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Pipeline transportation, as a way of natural gas supply, is widely used in China and the world. Especially in China, there are special natural gas pipeline companies responsible for natural gas transmission and distribution. Pipeline compressor unit is the core equipment for the natural pipeline transportation.

Shaangu pipeline compressor is at the world advanced level with its excellent aerodynamic performance and stable structure.

In 2002, Shaangu developed pipeline compressor technology. And in the same year, Shaangu signed a cooperative production agreement with MAN to introduce RB series barrel type compressor technology. In 2008, by introducing basic stage model and calculation software, Shaangu Europe R&D Center developed EB80 pipeline compressor. In 2013, 3 sets of EB45 pipeline compressors were designed and manufactured for CNOOC Huangyan project. In 2015, 6 sets of EB35 pipeline compressors were delivered for Shaanxi Gas company. In 2017, “Gas Turbine Driven Pipeline Compressor Unit” developed by Shaangu was passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of China Machinery Industry Federation. At present, Shaangu has completed the serialization development of its long-distance pipeline compressors.

In 2018, Shaangu entered into the supplier list of CNPC, and won 2 sets of pipeline compressors order for Liling NG station, and 4 sets of pipeline compressors order for Zhangjiakou NG station and Zhongwei NG station.



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