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Air Separation Compressor

Air separation compressors are widely used in the sectors of air separation plants of large chemical industry and coal chemical industry.

Shaangu air separation compressor train serves for the air separation plants from 20,000 Nm³/h to 150,000 Nm³/h.

The air separation compressor train are usually design as one air compressor and one compression booster for internal compression process of ASP, while there is only one air compressor designed for external compression process.

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Shaangu air compressor trains usually use EIZ/EIZT series compressors. Definition of the model code are following:

Take “EIZ90-4/EIZT125-3” as an example:

EIZ/EIZT – The series code, refers to centrifugal compressor with integrated built- intercooler

90/125 – Size of the compressor, represents the nominal diameter of first stage of impeller, unit: cm

4/3 — Number of impeller


Characteristics of EIZ/EIZT Compressors:

  1. Serialization design and efficient three-dimensional impellers. Built-in intercooler (s) reduces length and resistance of gas flowing path to realize isothermal and high-efficient operation
  2. The compact built-in intercooler (s) has excellent noise reduction function..
  3. Inlet guide vanes ensures wide operation range (from 75% to 105% of variable operation condition) to effectively reduce energy consumption。
  4. Built-in spraying system realizes on-line cleaning of impellers and cooler tubes to ensure long-term stable operation and minimize downtime operation.

Shaangu booster compressor includes EZ/EBZ and EG series models. EZ series compressor is horizontal split type structure with the external interstage cooler. EBZ series is vertical split barrel type structure with external interstage cooler. EG series is integrated gear type gear compressor.

EG centrifugal compressors are jointly developed by overseas expert team and domestic engineers of Shaangu, which adopt mature and reliable modelling stages and advanced pneumatic calculation program, reaching international advanced technology level. And EG compressor has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  • Flow rate up to 14000 m3/min,
  • Exhaust pressure up to 7.2MPa,
  • Maximum speed > 35000r/min,
  • Variable efficiency > 88%


The models of Shaangu air separation compressor trains are shown as follows:

References: As of December 2019, there are nearly 270 sets of Shaangu air separation compressor trains in operation, which accounting for over 80% of domestic market share in the field of large-scale air separation sectors.

This figure indicated the air compressors and boosters corresponding to the different air production capacities.



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