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Made by Shaangu! The axial compressor unit of the world’s largest single line maleic anhydride device officially goes offline

On June 12, under the witness of the users, The large-scale axial compressor provided by Shaangu for Hengli Petrochemical’s 60,0000 tons/year BDO and supporting projects 4×210,000 tons/year maleic anhydride plant has been successfully taken offline in the final assembly workshop. This is currently the largest single line axial compressor unit for maleic anhydride device in the world, and also the world’s first axial compressor unit of the recycling of maleic anhydride tail gas.

Shaangu has provided 4 sets of large-scale axial compressor units for the project, and tailor-made energy-saving and efficient system solutions to meet user needs.

During the implementation of the project, Shaangu people have always adhered to the principle of “dedication to customer service”, carefully designed and made concerted efforts. The manufacturing, inspection, testing, and assembly processes of all components of the unit have achieved high-quality delivery.