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“Industrial Process Energy Recovery Unit” of Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. Honored with the Sixth Batch of “Single Championship Product in Manufacturing Industry”

As is known, the single championship in manufacturing industry represents the highest level of development and the strongest market strength in the global sub-industry, and is the first rank of global manufacturing enterprises and the “Front-Runner” of Chinese manufacturing, occupying a pivotal position in the industrial chain.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China announced the lists of sixth batch of single championships in manufacturing industry and the third batch of single championships in manufacturing industry that passed the review. “Industrial Process Energy Recovery Unit” of Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd., which was ranked in the list, has won the sixth batch of single championship in manufacturing industry.

“Industrial process energy recovery unit”, named as TRT for short, converts some useless residual pressure, waste heat, nitric acid tail gas, industrial waste gas, etc. into valuable mechanical energy to drive generators to generate electricity.

Up to now, there are less than 30 blast furnaces over 5,000m³ in the world, 13 of which are equipped with TRT developed and produced by Shaangu. From 400m³ blast furnaces to blast furnaces over 5000m³, the level of TRT technology developed by Shaangu is constantly improving, while the pace of innovative research and development has never stopped. Over the years, Shaangu has developed a series of new high-efficiency units such as TRT shared by two blast furnaces, TRT coaxial with axial compressor applied to blast furnace, and 3H-TRT for high-precision top pressure stabilization control, etc. The newly developed third-generation gas recovery turbine (3G-TRT) applied to blast furnace for metallurgical industry has an efficiency of 94%, which has been highly recognized and widely used by industrial users and has played a great role in energy saving and emission reduction.
Among them, the high-precision TRT with third-generation technology is a new generation of energy recovery system, for which Shaangu has independent intellectual property rights, and it is also the most advanced TRT in the world.
Being ranked as the single championship product in manufacturing industry is the second time for Shaangu after the axial compressor honored with “single champion product”. This is a full recognition of Shaangu’s technological innovation capabilities. Shaangu will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts, give full play to the role of the first driving force of innovation-led development, build strong scientific and technological strength and innovation capabilities, and contribute to the great goal of building a world scientific and technological power.