To Create Intelligent Green Energy for Human Civilization


Xi’an L’EDER Green Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd. Opened with an Inaugural Ceremony

As known, “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality  ” is a major strategic initiative for human beings to respect and protect nature, and is an inherent requirement to promote the high-quality development of China’s economy and society. Shaangu Group actively responds to the national call and integrates the carbon related business into the scenario of distributed energy solution. Under above circumstance, Xi’an L’EDER, Green Carbon Technology Co. Ltd. is founded.
As another new potential market of Shaangu in the field of carbon, Xi’an L’EDER Green Carbon Technology Co. Ltd., adhering to the belief of accelerating China’s industrial low-carbon green development, is committed to becoming one of the national platforms for consolidation, integration and conversion of “ carbon peaking and carbon neutrality ” solutions.
Standing at the new start, Xi’an L’EDER Green Carbon Technology Co. Ltd. will seize the opportunity of green development, continue to enhance its business skills, strengthen its mission, and grasp the new opportunity of carbon peaking and neutrality market with high-quality low-carbon service system, supporting Shaangu’s distributed energy solutions in creating more value for users!