To Create Intelligent Green Energy for Human Civilization


Visit by World Energy Specialists

The 2019 Clean Energy Financing and Investment Conference for BRI is, at present, held in Xi ‘an and the green, intelligent and high-efficient distributed energy system solution demonstrated by Shaangu won the unanimous praise of the coming guests. For a better knowledge of Shaangu’s operation and development, Stephen kohler, former head of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (German Energy Agency) and current President of Germany Eurasia Energy Efficiency Investment Company, Mitchell Stanley, President of the Council of The National Center for Sustainable Development, Tao Guangyuan, Executive Director of China-Germany Renewable Energy Cooperation Center, and Fang Hong, President of the National Center for Sustainable Development paid a visit, together with the other 20 world energy specialists, to Shaangu on 26 Octomber, 2019.

The distinguished guests firstly visited the Shaangu Energy Interconnection Symbiosis Global Operation Center and final assembly workshop. The clean working site, advanced management system and strong cultural atmosphere left a deep impression on the guests. And they all have experienced the comprehensive strength of green and intelligent distributed energy system solutions of Shaangu.

Li Hong’an, Chairman of the Board, introduces the transformations of Shaangu by delivering a speech themed as “Pillar of a Great Power, Energy Connection” .  As Mr. Li put it well “ With the mission of creating intelligent green energy for human civilization, Shaangu has an energy gene of more than 50 years. For the new requirement of green and high quality development, Shaangu shall, with the distributed energy system solutions, continue to help customers improve the overall energy efficiency of the system, optimize the asset structure, and provide clients with advanced financial solutions and industrial products and services, continue to improve, in terms of energy consumption, cost and emission, the core competitiveness of customers, energy interconnection, and help promote high-quality economic development by creating and sharing with the client ”.   

Stephen kohler, former head of the German Energy Agency and current President of Germany Eurasia Energy Efficiency Investment Company, expressed that Shaangu impressed him deeply. Shaangu’s practice in improving energy efficiency matches the new demand and development trend of the energy market, and has achieved good development results. Hope that EEEI would deepen exchanges and cooperation with Shaangu.


“This visit is very effective, which is a good start for bilateral cooperation.” said by Mitchell Stanley, President of the Council of The National Center for Sustainable Development. “Through this visit, I not only learned about advanced intelligent manufacturing capability of Shaangu, but also felt that financial services have added strong impetus to the development of Shaangu and ensured its continuous and steady development. I hope to build a bridge for deepening cooperation between Shaangu and American enterprises and promote win-win development” , the President also continued.