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Shaanu Signed a Contract with Turkey Large Steel Group, “Shaangu + EKOL” Proposals Help users with Green Development

Turkey connects Europe and Asia, which is the gateway for ancient Silk Road to Europe, which is also the node country of the “Belt & Road” construction. Recently, Shaangu signed a contract with a large Turkey Steel Enterprise, for which Shaangu shall provide green energy power equipment, system solutions and services, including axial compressor, EKOL steam turbine to the no.6 blast furnace.

Stepping into Turkey

Since the startup of the project, Shaangu Power North Sales Project Team, as well as the EKOL sales team and technology team cooperate with each other, overcome the obstacles of language and time difference, and take several rounds of discussions and modifications. Adhering to the values of “Customers are always right”, Shaangu’s project team member Zhao Jinyan, Shi Tao, Tan Weilei, Wang Hui, Feng Jingjing, LudekMinar and Bai Yun take the advantage of the video conference, phone calls to communicate with the customers, making “tailor-made” proposals for the customers.

As a system solution provider and system service provider in the field of distributed energy, Shaangu committed to the research, development and manufacturing of green, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection equipment to promote energy efficiency improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction and transformation and upgrading in metallurgical, petrochemical and other fields related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. At present, Shaangu has accumulated the production of axial flow compressor more than 2000 sets, including more than 60 sets of exports, domestic market share of more than 95%. Shaangu axial flow compressor products in many field to create the best in the country and even the world, covering metallurgy, chemical and other fields, self-developed AV140 axial flow compressor is the world’s largest and most advanced technology. The first axial flow compressor supplied to Jingmen Petrochemical Company has been running for 34 years. The axial flow compressor products of Shaangu won the title of “China Famous Brand Product” and the title of “Champion Product” in China’s manufacturing industry, and also created a world record in the output of axial flow compressor.

Over the years, Shaangu’s product has been always the first choice for large steel enterprise in Turkey. This project is the first project for Shaangu EKOL to enter into Turkey market. Shaangu EKOL is the main steam manufacturer in middle east European market, which is also one of the few steam manufacturers with self-designed and manufactured capacity of the reaction type steam turbine. Currently, Shaangu EKOL’s steam turbines have been applied in the nitric acid unit, coal to methol unit, with efficiency up to 87%. At the same time, Shaangu EKOL also provides EPC services, automation control and maintenance of biomass unit to the global customers, providing superior system solutions and complete supply chain proposals for process industry. With the signing of this project, Shaangu EKOl’s footprint has covers over 30 countries, such as European Union, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Russia, China, Turkey, etc..

With the signing of this project, Shaangu has laid a solid foundation for the new patterns of“double-recycling”
for the overseas market exploration. In the future, Shaangu shall gather more advantageous resources to facilitate the Turkey customers to provide better products and proposals, thus to help users with high-quality development.