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Shaangu Won China Industry Awards as Chinese “Oscar” in Industrial Field

On December 27th, the press conference of the sixth China Industry Awards, known as the “Oscar of China’s industry”, was held in Beijing. Shaangu Group’s “Energy Interconnection symboisis Solution — Distributed Energy Intelligent Comprehensive Utilization Project” won the China Industry Award. This is the second time for Shaangu Group to win this award.

The China Industry Award is the highest industrial award in China approved by the State Council. At the meeting, Chairman of the Board Li Hong’an accepts the award on behalf of the enterprise.

Mr. Li Yizhong, former Minister of the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, Chairman of the Fifth China Federation of Industrial Economics and Chairman of the Sixth China Industry Award Appraisal Committee, congratulated the enterprises and project units awarded in his speech. President Li Yizhong said that the award-winning enterprises have made outstanding achievements in independent innovation, high-end leadership, integration of industrialization and informationization, strengthening national land and resources information, industrial chain collaboration, high-quality supply and taking responsibility in fighting the epidemic. He hoped that the vast number of enterprises will follow the example of the award-winning enterprises and project, adhere to the new development concept and build a new development pattern to contribute to the realization of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the vision of 2035.

Lu Yaohua, executive vice president of China Federation of Industrial Economics, read out the Commendation Announcement of the Sixth China Industry Awards.

Shaangu’s innovation and development of energy technologies is based on regional energy resources supply and demand to develop energy interconnection technology, the top design, the overall planning, through the use of the Internet and big data analysis, from the flow of the whole regional power, with the perspective of energy, energy conversion, through complement cascade utilization, renewable energy (solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, wind power, air, etc.), clean energy (gas) and traditional energy (industrial waste heat and energy, etc.) integration, efficient utilization and coupling with intelligent control, professional operation model to provide water, heat, cold, electricity, gas, steam combined energies from the supply side (water supply, heating, cooling, electricity, gas, industrial gas, steam) to the discharge side (sewage, waste, waste heat, waste, etc.) of the whole life cycle integrated distributed energy system solution.

Shaangu energy interconnection system solutions make an overall layout for process industries, such as industrial parks, urban areas and smart city along the “Belt & Road” market, the green energy, intelligence, integration of interconnected energy technology combined with market user process, early intervention, the top planning, system design. Based on the principle of “maximum production capacity, minimum energy consumption and maximum residual energy recovery”, and with “integration and intelligence” as the core, we construct customized system solutions from the perspective of the whole process to realize the continuous optimization of energy flow, material flow and information flow.

Now, the global operation center of Shaangu Energy Interconnection Symboisis has become the intelligent manufacturing base with the lowest energy consumption and lowest emissions in the global turbine industry, realizing the “Green Effect” of energy planning and comprehensive utilization in the industrial park, and its green energy saving effect is still being continuously optimized. Innovation and development of “professional + integrated” energy interconnection technologies and solutions provide global customers with the distributed energy system solutions as the center of seven value-added services such as: circle of equipment, engineering, services, operations, supply chain, intelligent, finance, etc., which is helping intelligent green development in ” process industry, smart city ,One Belt & Road” users.

Shaangu energy interconnection symboisis promotes reform at energy supply side, realizes energy saving, consumption reduction and energy structure optimization , which has strong impetus and demonstration significance and can effectively reduce the industry pollution emissions, improve energy efficiency. Shaangu energy interconnection symboisis has greatly promoted the industry development, and taken a leading role and demonstration in national economy and social development.

Winning the award is a kind of affirmation for Shaangu, but also a kind of encouragement and spur. In the future, Shaangu will set an example for energy revolution with Energy Interconnected Symboisis, promote low-carbon and zero-carbon China actions with Shaangu’s smart and green system solutions, develop new infrastructure, and provide a strong driving force for the “carbon neutral” goal and high-quality development of China’s economy and society.