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Shaangu Group Honored with “First Prize of Advanced Unit in Safe Production in 2021

Recently, Xi’an Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. held the 2022 Work Conference, at which advanced units in safe production in 2021 were commended. Shaangu Group was honored with “First Prize of Advanced Unit in Safe Production in 2021”.

Shaangu Group has been firmly upholding the concept of safety development, strengthening the supervision of safety production, and effectively maintaining the safety of Shaangu employees’ life and property. Shaangu, by establishing the idea of “Safe production is a matter weightier than Mount Tai” and continuously improving the construction of the “Great Safety and Health” system, continuously improve the safety management ability of the enterprise and strengthen the safety awareness of employees. Shaangu has successfully completed the production safety targets for the year 2021, making safety work a support to help company climb to new peaks in the distributed energy market.