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Maleic Anhydride Project Contracted! Shaangu Proposal Helps Users With Low-carbon and Energy-saving Development

Recently, Shaangu Power and a user in East China signed an general contract project of annual output of 60,000 tons of n-butane maleic anhydride, Shaangu will provide large power equipment and the whole process system solutions and services for the project.

As one of the three organic anhydrides, maleic anhydride is a widely used basic organic chemical raw material for the production and processing of synthetic resin, paint, ink, engineering plastic, pesticide, lubricating oil, medicine, paper, treating agent and stabilizer. The clasp on the dress, the daylighting tile for the house decoration, man-made marble, and the man-made jade that uses at adornment, cannot go without maleic anhydride. Because of its wide use, the demand for maleic anhydride in the global market, especially in the domestic market, has been growing. At present, the process route of maleic anhydride in China mainly adopts benzene oxidation method and n-butane method. With more and more stringent environmental requirements, the green n-butane process is more and more favored by customers.
Adhering to “Find products for our customers, Not to find customers for product” development concept and wholeheartedly providing users with high-quality services, combined with the user requirements, Shaangu provides users with method of n-butane technologies of energy conservation and environmental protection, and tailor-made optimal scheme, helping the project in a green, energy efficient and stable way for a long period of time. In the future, Shaangu will gather superior resources, spare no effort to provide the best products and solutions for the project, and help users for low-carbon, energy saving development.