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Hand in Hand, Shaangu Group Cooperating with Panhua Group to Build the First President-Dream Factory in Philippines

On October 28th, Shaangu Group and PanhuaGroup conducted in-depth negotiations on the contract of Panhua Group’s Philippine steel project and held a contract signing ceremony.

Li Xinghua, Chairman of Panhua Group, expressed a warm welcome to Chairman Li Hongan and his team members and briefly introduced the Panhua Group’s Philippines steel project.

Chairman Li Xinghua said, in view of transformation, upgrading and green development of the current steel industry, with the “going out” strategy, Panhua Group actively promoted market development in countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, so they decided to build the first comprehensive steel plant in the Philippines. Li Xinghua also said, the signing of the contract with Shaangu would build a platform of “co-construction, sharing and win-win results” for both parties. They hoped that with support from Shaangu’s comprehensive advantages in system solutions provided to metallurgy users, the implementation of the steel project in Philippines would be accelerated. “Choice is more important than hard work”, owing to choosing Shaangu, Panhua would definitely work hand in hand with Shaangu to promote the implementation of the Philippines steel project. In future, let the flags of Panhua and the Shaangu fly high on the land of the Philippines and let Shaangu high-quality engineering recorded in the glorious history of “One Belt One Road”. Both parties will work together to make President Duterte’s dream-factory come true!

Chairman Li Hongan first expressed his thanks to Panhua Group for the opportunity given to Shaangu in the Philippine steel project. At the same time, he said that from the first communication to today’s successful signing, both parties had closely connected and communicate efficiently, which was a model of cooperation.

Chairman Li Hongan said that Shaangu should study the effective corporate management and development results created by Panhua, that was, Shaangu should learn from Panhua Group’s advanced concepts and practices in management, and should learn from Chairman Li Xinghua’s family-country sentiment and global strategic vision and layout.

Chairman Li Hongan pointed out that the current revenue of Shaangu Group had exceeded 10 billion, which indicated the high-quality development of Shaangu was stable and far-reaching. As known, in the field of metallurgy, Shaangu has been committed to providing users with more energy-efficient, green and environmentally friendly system solutions. In overseas projects, such as projects in Serbia, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Brazil, Vietnam etc, Shaangu’s high-efficiency and energy-saving system solutions had been highly praised by the users. Due to continuous contribution to the transformation and innovation of the iron and steel industry, as well as energy conservation and efficiency, Shaangu Group was awarded the “Memorial Enterprise for the 40th Anniversary of China’s Iron and Steel Reform and Opening-up”.

Chairman Li Hongan stated that, Shaangu would, adhering to “one mind, perfect work, wholehearted, and dedicated”, “on demand, on quality, on time, “ first-class
level, best price, shortest period”, build the Philippines steel project of Panhua Group into a benchmark project and an excellent project in the countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, realizing a win-win cooperation.

In the warm applause and witnessed by the members of both parties, on behalf of their company respectively, Chairman Li Hongan and Chairman Li Xinghua signed the
contract on Philippines steel Project of Panhua. Both parties will work together to build a president-dream factory with benchmark significance, and jointly contribute to the “One Belt and One Road” to realize high-quality development. With intelligent green “1+7” distributed energy system solutions, Shaangu will help Panhua Group’s overseas business develop vigorously.