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China’s Largest Nitric Acid Plant Contracted by Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. Successfully Put into Operation

Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. (SPC for short) as the general contractor, on May 26, the 360,000-ton/year nitric acid plant in Chongqing Huafeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., (Huafeng for short) was successfully put into operation. Currently, the plant runs smoothly and all the parameters All process parameters are up to the production standard.

Huafeng 360,000-ton/year nitric acid plant, of which the “four in one” machine train was designed and manufactured by SPC, is one of the China’s largest nitric acid plants with designed production capacity of 1200 t/d. For this plant, the most advanced double-pressurized method has been applied, with the characteristic of low energy consumption, high comprehensive utilization rate of ammonia, high nitric acid concentration, and low NOx emission. This plant meets the environment-friendly requirements on the nitric acid chemical industry. Meanwhile, the reaction steam turbine for this plant was manufactured by Shaangu EKOL Company (located in Czech) and it is featured by medium-temperature, medium-pressure and pure condensing. In addition, EKOL also has supplied tailor-made systematic service for the customer.

The user of Chongqing Huafeng believes the smooth operation of plant indicates, whether in terms of engineering capacity of the core “four-in-one” machine or in the terms of general contracting capacity of the nitric acid plant, SPC deserves the reputation of “ One of the Pillars of Great Power”.

It is well known that, with more than 50 years of innovation, SPC has developed into a systematic solution provider and systematic service provider in the distributed energy field. It is also the largest-annual-output supplier in axial compressors and industrial process energy recovery unit in the world. It owns 12 overseas companies and service organizations such as Shaangu Europe R&D Center (in Germany) and Shaangu EKOL Company (in Czech), and it has established overseas service network in more than 40 countries including Russia, Indonesia, India, Turkey, United States, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam etc. The environment-friendly products, systematic solutions and service supplied by Shaangu cover a wide range of process industries such as petroleum, chemical, air separation, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, power etc. In recent years, more than 130 sets of integrated machine train have been produced by Shaangu, including “three in one” and “four in one” applied to nitric acid plant. 117 sets of “double pressurized four-in-one’ machine train for nitric acid plant” has been delivered in total in the global market, of which 24 sets were contracted by SPC, providing global users with full-process systematic solutions and services from synthetic ammonia to nitric acid and ammonium nitrate . As well, Shaangu EKOL’s reaction steam turbine, with efficiency up to 87 % and best-in-class steam consumption and energy efficiency in the world, has covered all fields of industrial steam turbine within 100 MW, and fully meet user’s needs in terms of performance, quality and user-friendly design.