Shaangu has professional design and manufacturing capacities of core equipments and package units of air separation plants. Based on the needs of customers in air separation field, Shaangu is committing to providing investment, construction and operation services of industrial gas plant for the customers in coal chemical industry, steel industry, petrochemical industry and oil & gas industry and so on.

In the field of air separation, Shaangu provides customers with complete sets of equipments of air separation plants, EPC service of air separation unit, industrial gas operation business and related financial services.

Air Separation Compressor Train

The air separation compressor trains developed by Shaangu are categorized by several series, covering 20,000-150,000 Nm³/h ASPs, which are characterized by high-efficient, energy-saving, noise reduction and wide operating range. At present, Shaangu has provided more than 260 sets of air separation compressor units to customers, accounting for over 82% of domestic air separation compressor market share. And the unit efficiency is at the world-class level.

EPC Service of Air Separation Unit

Shaangu provides core equipments and unit EPC services of air separation plants. With professional design and EPC capabilities of Shaangu Engineering Technology Branch in air separation field, Shaangu has delivered over 30 sets of unit EPC projects of air separation plant.

Industrial gas operation

Shaanxi Qinfeng Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. is a professional industrial gas operation company under Shaangu group, with strong strength and rich operation experience. By now, there are 10 gas plants built and operated by Qinfeng in domestic, with total oxygen output of 560,000 Nm3/h. Each industrial gas plants of Shaangu is equipped with advanced APC control system to ensure long-term stable and safe operation of the whole plant and to improve the operation efficiency by 2-3%.

Industrial Financing Service

Based on the specific needs of users, Shaangu provides users with financial services, including buyer’s credit, financial leasing, trust loans, entrusted leasing, financial leasing & trust, BT/BOT/BOO, industrial fund and other financial service modes, to solve the financial difficulties of users.