The chemical production process is accompanied by the conversion and comprehensive utilization of pressure energy and heat energy. Shaangu has been devoting itself to the research on the technology and application of the distributed energy comprehensive utilization of the double pressure nitric acid production plant at the user end, so as to help the user effectively realize the maximum utilization of resources and the optimization of environmental benefits.

From the development of nitric acid 4-in-1 turbine train to the EPC of dual-pressure nitric acid plant, after more than 20 years of continuous improvement, Shaangu has possessed the design and manufacturing capabilities of nitric acid turbine trains with capacity from 100,000t/y, 150,000t/y, 180,000t/y, 240,000t/y, 270,000t/y, to 360,000t/y, accumulated rich EPC experiences from 23 sets of EPC projects of nitric acid turbine units and has over 100 sets of nitric acid 4-in-1 turbine trains references, which is in the international leading level.  


4-In-1 Nitric Acid Turbine Train 

The 4-in-1 nitric acid turbine train is the core power equipment for the dual-pressure nitric acid production facility. Based on the principle of continuous improvement and continuous innovation, Shaangu has reached the international leading level after 20 years of development.

Energy Efficiency Analysis and Operation Optimization control (EAOC) Solution of 4-in-1 Nitric Acid Turbine Train

Shaangu has developed an intelligent system for the operation of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate production plants. The system, with modeling the experience of operators, material balance optimization algorithm, energy balance optimization algorithm and economic optimization algorithm of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plants, realizes the multivariable predictive and intelligent control of the plant on the bases of the created model matrix, so as to automatically and intelligently operate the DCS control loop of the plant.

Integrated Water Treatment Unit

During the operation of nitric acid plant, a large amount of fresh water is needed as production water, desalting water, domestic water, etc. In normal production, each process section of the plant will discharge large amount of wastewater. As system solution provider, Shaangu has the EPC capabilities of integrated wastewater treatment plant in the field of nitric acid production, including the whole process of raw water treatment system, desalted water system, recycling water system, sewage water treatment and backwater system, thick salt water zero-emission system, to provide users with an integrated water system solution of the whole plant, and truly realized the “zero-discharge” of production wastewater.


150,000 t/y Dual-pressure Nitric Acid Machine Train Upgrading Project

After energy efficiency analysis and operation optimization of a 150,000t/y nitric acid plant, the production of nitric acid is increased by 5%, the consumption of ammonia per ton of acid is reduced by 1%, the acid concentration of the product is controlled more stably, the labor intensity of operators is reduced, and the level of production process control and management of the unit is improved;

  1. The nitric acid concentration is enhanced and the ammonia consumption is decreased by process optimization.
  2. The steam output is increased by 10%, after waste heat recovery process improved.
  3. The production output is increased by 5%~10% by the process of air cooling and dehumidification.
  4. The energy consumption of the plant is decreased by 1-2% by the optimization of the 4-in-1 turbine train.