Around the world, more and more attention is paid on energy consumptions and environmental problems, it is very urgent to develop the more environmentally friendly and more efficient comprehensive energy solutions. Based on the trending of energy consumptions, Shaangu self-developed the “Energy Interconnection Symbiosis System” to solve energy problems from the energy structures to enhance the utilization ratio and reduce the consumptions ratio. The technology of energy interconnection symbiosis system is of great significance to the protection of ecological environment, the reduction of pollutant discharge and the realization of energy efficient utilization.

What is “Energy Interconnection Symbiosis System” of Shaangu?

Through the top-level development, general planning, internet utilization and big data analysis, Shaangu supplies all life-cycle integrated distributed energy solutions from the supply side (water supply, heat supply, cooling supply, power, gas, industrial gas, steam) to the discharge side (sewage, garbage, waste heat, waste, etc.), based on the principles of high efficient utilization and integration of energy supply from all regions and processes, including clean energy (natural gas, etc.) and traditional energy (industrial waste heat, etc.), providing water, heating, cooling, power, industrial gas and steam with the help of energy conversions and energy cascade to realize intelligent control and professional operation.

Energy interconnection technology in solving regional energy and resource requirements, is combined with the supply side and discharge side energy grade, adjusting measures to local conditions for the resource utilization and energy utilization, superposition of system optimization, energy cascade utilization, material resources, realizing the energy balance, combining with the Internet technology to realize the comprehensive utilization of regional internal energy flow, material flow and information flow.


Shaangu Energy Interconnection Symbiosis System provides integrated energy planning and system solutions including equipments, EPC, service, operation, finance, supply chain and intelligence for process industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, air separation, paper making, leather making and power generation; new industrial parks, relocated and/or reconstructed park projects; smart city including urban park integration project, characteristic town, intelligent building, college town, hospital; as well as overseas industrial park projects and so on.