Financial Service

By practicing the integration of industries and finance, Shaangu is exploring new cooperation modes with more than 30 financial organizations; by taking stocks of trust company and leasing company, Shaangu provides tailor-made solution for customers in cooperation with financial organizations; by establishing 2 offshore companies in Hong Kong (China) and Luxembourg respectively, Shaangu is trying to expanding its global resources. By now, Shaangu has been awarded total credit line of over RMB 20 billion Yuan from 21 financial partners. There are more than 13 kinds of financial service modes for customer’s option, including industry funds and financial lease etc. Presently, Shaangu has provided financial services for more than 100 customers and over 200 projects.

Financing Services

Shaangu has gained a favorable cash flow during its development. And Shaangu is also credited and qualified as AAA-rate enterprise by 7 banks such as ICBC and CMBC. With cooperation with these banks, Shaangu has created a new financing portfolio which helps the customer in lack of capital to accomplish its project . By this way, the customer, the supplier and the bank are in the win-win-win situation. The first prize of National Management Innovation Achievement was honored to Shaangu for the project of “Manufacturer-guided Supply Chain Financing Service Management”.