Energy Infrastructure Operation

By expanding the business chain, Shaangu provides many business
operations for customers, such as

Our professional team will create value and reduce cost for you.

IndustrIal Gas Operation

Shaangu is also active in providing the overall and high quality services such as consultant, design, construction and operation in the field of industrial gases, relaying on its development and research of industrial gas process with the fullest use of all resources.

Operation Mode

Shaangu has invested, built and operated 9 gas plants being at top 3 in domestic gas operation industry

Shaangu Qinfeng Industrial Gas Plant (Xuzhou)

Shaanxi Qinfeng Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.

Water Business Operation

Shaangu has 4 Wastewater Treatment Plants

Shaangu Wastewater Treatment Industrial Research Center

Shaangu Lishui Synthetic Leather Sewage Treatment & DMF Revocery Plant

The Highest-Elevation Construction and Operation Project of Shaangu