Sewage Treatment Solutions

At present, the fresh water resources that are easy to be used by human beings are very few, which only account for 2.53% of the total water volume in the world.

With the acceleration of urbanization and industrialization, there are more and more pollution sources threatening the water quality of rivers, lakes and even groundwater around the world, which have greatly reduced the utilization of fresh water and intensified the water resources shortage in the world. Sewage water treatment and reuse have become effective measures to alleviate the shortage of water resources.

As a provider and servicer of distributed energy system solutions, relying on its intelligent and green distributed energy system solutions, Shaangu has been working in the field of sewage treatment service for many years, and has formed an integrated water operation solution with municipal sewage treatment and reuse as its main business and industrial sewage treatment and reuse as the auxiliary. With investment, building and operation in water business field as its main business mode, Shaangu aims to provide its users with intelligent, green and advanced comprehensive water services.

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Integrated Water Business

By giving full play to the advantages of energy interconnection symbiosis system solutions, Shaangu could help end users to realize optimized energy interconnection and energy efficiency management and operation cost reduction by integrating several energy units such as photovoltaic power generation, sewage-source heat pump, ground-source heat pump, water resource recycling and others into one system.

Our Service Field

Shaangu water business focuses on municipal / industrial park, synthetic leather DMF, process industries and other fields, and provides sewage treatment and reclaimed water recycling services for these fields.

Our Business Mode

The water business modes of Shaangu mainly include equity cooperation, BOO, TOO, Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and so on.

Our Technical Strength

Relying on the industrial incubation base and project experiences, Shaangu’s water business has accumulated advanced technology capabilities in the industry.

Integration capability of multiple process technologies such as A2/O, biological fluidized bed, CASS, membrane treatment etc.

Two projects have been awarded the national key demonstration projects of environmental protection technology 

National key environmental protection practical technology



Provincial excellent environmental protection project



Our Water Operation Management Objectives

Stable and standard discharge of water quality

Energy interconnection, energy efficiency optimization, energy conservation and consumption reduction

Remote monitoring and few people on duty realized by Shaangu global operation center of energy interconnection symbiosis system

Clean, efficient, intelligent and green sewage treatment plant

Our Typical References

Shaangu Lishui Synthetic Leather Sewage Treatment & DMF Recovery Plant

Shaangu Wastewater Treatment Industrial Research Center